Governance & Adherance

Achiever Security Services complies to the following legal requirements guiding the operation of a company within the realms of the Security Industry and thereby we ensure sound governance as well as a tramsparent operational ethos.

The Private Security Regulating Act 56 of 2001. This Act regulates the basic rights of a Security Officer, as well as the conduct of Security Service Providers (Individuals as well as Companies).

Basic Conditions of Employement Act 75 of 1997, read in conjunction with the Sectoral Determination: Private Security Industry.

Road Traffic Act 1996

Criminal Procedures Act 51 of 1977. This Act regulates and prsecribes arrest procedures, search procedures and defines the security officer's powers of arrest and search as well as the use of force when affecting an arrest.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, keeping in mind that none of the rights stipulated is absolute. The constition supersedes any other legislation withing our legal system.

The Magistrate's Court Act of 1944

Common Law of South Africa

Criminal Law of South Africa

Occupational Health and Safety Act. This act ensures that duties by our personnel are conducted in a safe and hygienic manner

Security Officer Grading As Per PSIRA

Grade "E"

A security officer in this category has been trained in themost basic security skills and can be utilised in the following fields:
* Normal patrol duties , or
* Dog handler after completing the relevant training in this field.
* An "E" Grade seurity officer can not seaech vehicles, staff or man access control points

Grade "D"

* This is the most commonly utilised security officer in the industry.
Better trained than a "E" Grade Security Officer, this security officer can be utilised in the following fields:
* Supervising "E" Grade Security Officers
* Access control, including searching of staff and vehicles
* Retail Security
* Security at any shopping complex
* Basic administrative duties
* Armed security officer

Grade "C"

* Supervising "E" and "D" Grade Security Officers
* CCTV Operator
* Cash-in-Transit
* Armed Response
* Weigh Bridge Operator
* Administrative duties
* Corporate Security – front line
* Control Centre Operators
* Hotel Security

Grade "B"

* Supervising "E", "D" and "C" Grade Security Officers
* Corporate Security
* Junior Management
* Administrative duties

Grade "A"

* Supervising "E", "D", and "B" Grade Security Officers
* Corporate Security
* Management