Achievers Security Services was established when a need in the Security Industry was identified for an affordable , professional and tailor-made security service with an important factor included in this service – accountability.

Our Organization has grown from very humble beginnings and due to the tireless efforts of our Management team we have grown into a formidable organization with branches in the KZN Midlands.

Our management team has a solid and proven track record in the Security Industry, as well as working experience in a broad spectrum of security related fields including SAPS, SANDF and NIA (National Intelligence Agency)

Security is something we are very passionate about. We believe strongly in the fundamental human rights that all South Africans Citizens have, including the right to safety, the right to life and the right of safety possessions.

We make use of Achievers Security Services, you may ask? This question is answered as follows:

Security problems have not come into existence recently and the current situation is not likely to get better soon – it is a phenomenon of our time which we have to get used to. It is an unpleasant reality that we have to accept as security measures worldwide are on the increase; from a normal patrolman to complicated alarm systems. Despite very gallant and tireless efforts from some members of the SAPS they cannot win the war against crime on their own.
Achievers Security Services are active members of several CPF structures and are actively involved in community projects to combay crime.
We constantly attend security expo's and workshops to ensure that we are familiar with the latest trends and developments in the security industry, thereby enabling us to develop, implement and maintain a innovative security solution to meet your requirements.
Staff members undergoes reqular in-house refresher training, which cover a broad range of subjects ranging from legislation, company rules and regulations, courtesy and site standing orders. Armed Security Officers are tested at least every six months in their firearm profiency.
We have a good working relationship with Camperdowm, Mpumalanga ad Hammersdale SAP.
Our Security officers are equipped with batons, radios and handcuffs and we access control on request with a site OB Book and can also provide Magtouch Batons and points for each site at the clients request which would be for clients account and remains the property property of the client.

Our Vision

To be a recognized and respected security service provider of choice in the provision of integrated security and providing our clients with an affordable, tailor-made security measures which will suit their respective profile and security requirements the best, while not compromising safety and security of the client, its staff or assets.

Our Mission

To provide the best, most professionally managed security amd loss control services to our clients who are serious about their long-term security needs. We are committed to the improving the quality of life of all employees through equal opportunity, affirmative action employment in line with Employment Equality Act as well as empowerment through constant improvement. We also aim to achieve acceptable financial return, thereby enabling long-term sistainability and growth, as well as ensuring stability of the company's operations.

Core Values


Achievers Security Service believe in open and honest coomunication and acknowledges that people are its most important asset. Consequently we believe in empowering and developing our personnel, therefore honesty, reliability, loyalty and discipline are critical success factors in our relationship with our clients and our staff. We undertake to apply principles of sound and morally accepted governance.